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Delightfully Simple Wedding Invitations

Looking for a simple, streamlined, unfussy wedding invitation?

Looking for a simple, streamlined, unfussy wedding invitation? Sometimes it feels like all you can find are ornately lined envelopes and elaborate details.  This assortment of invitations embraces simplicity with minimal design elements, making your wedding the focus.  Simple invites can be incorporated into any wedding theme. We’ll show you how these invitations can enhance the most popular themes!


Just a touch of whimsy and clean lines are the very best parts of the new modern wedding. This mustard and gray heart cutout invite is sweet without being saccharine (above). It would go perfectly with an event with a neutral color palette.

Below, this save-the-date features a dreamy, peaceful photo of clouds behind the wedding date in bold font.


It’s easy to go over-the-top floral with a vintage invite, but these elegant options are practically perfect in every way. Below, letterpress is one of the most beautiful ways to go simple. It adds texture, sophistication, and grace without a lot of color or graphics. This gray on ivory with a sage envelope hints at a refined vintage wedding that a guest couldn’t possibly decline.

If you really love the idea of simple design, but don’t want to abandon illustration altogether, stick with something discreet and light, like these two leafy branches wrapping around the bottom of the text (below).


Rustic weddings are really the easiest to blend in simplicity, as it is naturally more of a no-frills theme. These long Kraft paper invites (below) have just enough decoration with the cursive script font and miniscule leaf icons.

Isn’t this hand-drawn invitation darling?  This simple heart and arrow (below) with the wedding date gives all the details inside leaving this nostalgically sweet image to hang on every guest’s refrigerator.

Similarly, this tinier version on a woodgrain pattern invite works well for a vintage or retro wedding (given its kicky, playful font).


Simple doesn’t have to be plain or boring. This gold lettering is the sole ornament of the invite below. Although it is a bit oversized, it is still chic and classic.


Go black and white with an invite featuring two fonts in different scales (below) to make a fantastic statement.


This traditional and preppy invite is so terrifically simple with its single stripe design and classic color palette. It would also be really cute for a nautical event.

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