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DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations

DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations


DIY eco-friendly wedding invitations are a great way to save money and set the tone for your big day. If you worry that taking on a DIY invitation project will suck up too much of your time, never fear! There are a number of companies now offering easy DIY green wedding invitation kits that allow you great flexibility and creativity without breaking the bank. Here are some examples:




DIY Printable Wedding Invitations




Images: DIY Blue Crab Wedding Invites & DIY Red Lobster Blank Invites



While black tie affairs call for letterpress or embossing, flat printing is fine for most wedding invitations. If you have a good printer at home you can buy beautiful cards printed on recycled papers with soy inks and set the type yourself using a template. The best part about printing your own wedding invitations is that you can save extra cards and use them for thank you notes or personal correspondence after the big day. You can also make last minute additions to your guest list, replace lost invitations, and even personalize the wording without accruing extra costs.




Eco-Friendly Invitation Embellishments 


Small embellishments can turn a simple card into an experience. If you love three dimensional invitations, add a real skeleton leaf or an eco-friendly feather flourish to your DIY wedding invitations, RSVPs and other correspondence.



Images: Leaf DIY Invitation KitFeather Invitation Kit




 DIY Folded Wedding Invites


Nothing is as luxurious as an invitation with layers and twists – but often those accents often come at the expense of the environment. Not so when you DIY folded invitations from plantable seed paper and top them off with a plantable eco-twist. After your wedding, your guests can choose to recycle, compost, plant or save your invitation.



Image: Seeds of Love Invitations



You can also opt to have the invitation company you order from do the printing, and just assemble the pieces at home.




Image: Garden Bliss Wedding Invitation



From simple printing at home to advanced assembling, there are dozens of ways to create your own stunning DIY eco-friendly wedding invitations.