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Everything You Need to Include on Your Wedding Invitation

Everything You Need to Include on Your Wedding Invitation



So, you’ve picked a wedding date, and you’ve finalized your guest list. Congrats! Before you spread the news to your nearest and dearest, make sure your announcement gives recipients the full picture. To do so, include these important things on or with your wedding invitations.






What It Is


In one way or another, you’ll have to make it clear that you’re sending a wedding invitation. There are tons of ways to word your stationery, so the specifics are up to you, your spouse, and any planner or stationer involved.



Who’s Involved


We know it’s intuitive to include the names of you and your future spouse, but there are other people you should be mentioning, too. If your wedding has hosts other than yourselves—typically, your parents—make that known. How you address the envelope should clue guests in on who’s invited, but you may want to add a small blurb explaining your plus-one policy or whether or not children are allowed. This can go on the invitation itself or on an insert in the complete stationery suite.



Where It Is


At the very least, list the name of your ceremony venue and what city and state it’s in. You can also list the venue’s full address, as well as information about the reception venue.



Important Times and Dates


List the date of your wedding, including the year. Note your ceremony time and whether or not it’s in the morning, afternoon, or evening. You can add the time of your reception if it doesn’t immediately follow the ceremony. Decide on an RSVP date and list that, too. Typically, couples add an RSVP card to their stationery suite for recipients to respond with.



Other Information


Whatever you don’t include the important extra information on the actual invitation. Instead, put it on inserts or your wedding website. This can be lodging information, a map of your wedding’s location, your dress code, or where you’ve registered for gifts. In the end, how you put together your stationery suite will depend on your specific celebration, so feel free to get creative with your invitation’s layout and any accompanying materials.