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Modern Wedding Invitations from Ello There

I absolutely adore this paper company.

I absolutely adore this paper company. Their wedding invites are modern, fun, and just the right amount of kitschy.  If I were having a lodge-style wedding, this invitation above would 100% be what I would choose.  It features a retro photo finish combined with a totally modern monogram.  Having a mountain wedding but prefer a more minimal focus on illustration?  This modern take below plays off the recent graphic trend in wedding invites with a gorgeous saturation of color.


This Polaroid-style wedding invitation (above) is kind of genius.  It’s not actually a Polaroid picture.  Instead, it is a picture inside a white card stock cutout with a piece of washi tape adhered to the bottom. Behind the photo is the actual wedding invite and details about the event.  I love the simple brilliance of the design!

Sometimes, less is more. This casual Kraft paper postcard invitation (above) is super easy to mail, and will cost you a lot less in postage than the standard wedding suite.  Plus, it’s easy to hang on the fridge. And if it’s on the fridge, people are going.

We love a good nod to nostalgia, whether it is Jane Austen femininity (above) or vinyl record charm (below).

If the two of you are big music fans, and decide to go with the above invite, why not commemorate the day with this sweet print?  Some couples might turn it into their guest ‘book’ option, but I think it’s just too pretty to mark up.

You know how I just said that if it is on the fridge, people are more likely to attend?  Make it one step easier by circling the date for them with this calendar save-the-date (above).

I just about died with the giggles when I saw this ‘best friends’ card.  Don’t you remember the junior high joy when your bestie gave you that cheap gold heart necklace?  Pass it along by turning this gem into a maid of honor ask.

Want to write your groom a love note pre-wedding, but don’t want to be too sappy?  This card totally sets the mood for a fun note to remind him you think he’s pretty swell.

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