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Spring Wedding Invitations

It might seem hard to believe with East Coast blizzards and drizzly Northwest days, but spring is right around the corner.

It might seem hard to believe with East Coast blizzards and drizzly Northwest days, but spring is right around the corner. I’m convinced that Punxsutawney Phil is going to cut us all a break next week.  So, with the power of positive thinking on my side, I present to you a round-up of spring wedding invitations perfect for your event.  As we move away from winter trends, spring is all about incorporating a lighter, more carefree spirit.

Flower Power

Nothing is so timeless as spring flowers. Particularly appropriate is blossoms in muted colors, with a focus on the delicate, rather than the bold.  Above, this sweet invite features a floral border and contemporary cursive script. Below, take flowers in a slightly vintage direction with mustard-hued billy balls and gray gingham (love, love, love).

If you like flowers, but don’t love the idea of a bloom-laden invite, decorate your invitation with a tiny vine and then used lined envelopes featuring a flower in your wedding colors (below).

For a slightly bolder look, these watercolor invites are lush and delightful (above). If you are digging the metallic trend, use a wee bit of gold foiling to highlight your floral design (below).  Because of the slightly brighter colors of both of these invitations, they would also be beautiful for a summer affair.


Hearts & Arrows

Yes, Valentine’s Day is technically in winter, but hearts and arrows are a huge spring trend. After all, love is totally in the air in spring, so why not celebrate with the old-fashioned icons of romance?

This heart invitation shows off one of the biggest trends of the moment–cut paper.  With its myriad of hearts and clever spacing, it is a perfectly modern way to invite your guests.

The above wedding suite is everything a spring invitation ought to be–peppy, fun, and super sweet.  A bright pink envelope is a surefire way to tell your friends and family that the cure to their winter blues is your big event.  The hearts, loopy cursive, and retro banners all scream mushy-gushy romance, and it’s pretty much everything.

But if you are just not a pink hearts and flowers sort of gal, there are plenty of more modern, and much sleeker options. Another part of the paper trend is origami, and these heart invitations (below, left) are presented as ornaments in vellum sleeves.  Or keep it extra simple with a simple flat-printed invite featuring an arrowed monogram, giving it just a skosh of Cupid.


Or, forget the symbols and just say it with words. This ‘In Love’ invite is great for the couple who values modern typography and fun colors (below).

Delicate Patterns

Spring is the ideal season for petite, understated patterns, from teeny tiny polka dots to muted stripes.  These details incorporate all the cheeriness, but less of the volume you might see in traditional summer wedding invites.

This pale pink and silver invitation suite below features a sparkly border and a lined envelope in dreamy diagonal stripes.  It’s just enough lighthearted fun!

Polka dots are pretty much the happiest pattern in existence. They just bring the happy.  Keep them subtle with blue on aqua mini-dots on this scalloped wedding invite above. Or, if your polka dots just can’t be contained, go gold on the envelope lining of a picture-perfect spring floral suite.


A more unconventional and unique pattern to use is bunting (below). It adds an imaginative touch, especially with the birds resting on the flags (how much more spring can you get than birds chirping?).


Demure Letterpress

You can use letterpress for any invite, during any season. However, with pale colors and fun fonts, this style is ideal for ushering in a spring wedding.  Also interesting is the use of ‘blind’ letterpress, which are designs or words without ink. The technique leaves an imprint on the card, rather than infusing it with a color.  The suite below is an example of this. The calligraphy is in pale gray ink, but the lacy floral design around the border of the invite is an impression, rather than an in-your-face illustration.



Speaking of gray, we love a gray letterpress font. It’s soft and subtle and can balance out the more feminine details such as Victorian-inspired floral patterns (above) or retro styling with hints of pink (below).


Letterpress is often associated with more vintage weddings, but you can also use this printing style with a more modern event. This aqua and mustard invite below has a color palette that is exuberant and sleek lines that keep it fresh and clean.

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