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Stylish Wedding Programs for Your Retro Ceremony

Stylish Wedding Programs for Your Retro Ceremony

Does your wedding theme celebrate all the fun of the 1950s & ’60s?  Here are 10 retro wedding programs with creative designs.

Greatest Hits Program

Your love story plays out like a classic love song, so why wouldn’t your retro wedding have record-inspired programs?  This clever idea is great for smaller events, and you can enclose a recording of your first dance song as a wedding favor.

Flowers & Font

There is something so darling about a 1950s inspired font accompanied by a nostalgic wreath of pretty flowers.  This retro wedding idea is ideal for a garden wedding or more traditional affair.

Kitschy Comics

For a retro wedding program with a bit of a wink, find one that uses mid-century comic inspiration like this fan option above. This design also uses sherbet colors like tangerine and aqua that go excellently with a retro wedding theme.

Typography Focused

By combining infographic design details and retro-inspired fonts, this wedding program above effortlessly blends both nostalgic and modern elements.  We also love the gold and black palette for a retro wedding idea that will appeal to both men and women.

Adorable Illustrations

Like something out of a child’s vintage fairy tale book, these sweet illustrations of the bride and groom give a retro nod to this creative wedding program.

Summers at Camp

When you need a retro wedding idea for your rustic event, it’s time to consider going back to summer camp.  This fun, forest wedding invitation suite (above) features plenty of old-fashioned charm, including a retro wedding program that makes us want to be a kid again (or just watch Dirty Dancing).

Drive-In Inspiration

Did you two choose a retro wedding theme because of your shared love of classic cinema?  This musical-inspired retro wedding program is delightfully designed, but also has room for a ton of helpful and relevant info about the ceremony and wedding party.

Card Catalog Study

The sentimentalists in us wish we lived in the era of those lovely card catalogs and the satisfying thump of the library stamp.  Break out a typewriter to design your own library-inspired retro wedding program).


Fan Programs

Having your wedding in humid temperatures?  Print your retro wedding program on a fan and we guarantee your guests will use them.  Whether your wedding has a strong ’60s vibe (above, left) or slight rockabilly sensibility, these circular programs are a breath of fresh air!

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