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Thank You Cards from Storkie

Wedding thank you card ideas and advice.

Writing thank you cards is probably not going to be your very favorite thing about your wedding.  Depending upon how many people you need to write, it can be anything from incredibly monotonous to a gateway to carpal tunnel.  So, we say, make the chore as pleasant as possible by picking out pretty cards that remind you of your special day.

Gray is one of the most popular wedding colors, whether deep and charcoal like a blackboard (above) or light and silvery.  Storkie has several thank you cards available in different grays for your wedding thank you cards.  If your wedding involved blackboard-inspired signage and was a little on the rustic side, try the example above. If your event was filled with plenty of festive colors and you used gray as your neutral, use this cheery thank you below.

Or just go classic with a simple monogram and arrow icon (below).  All of these wedding thank you cards are elegant and chic in their own ways.

Don’t forget a few rules when writing your thank you notes:

1. Make each card personal. Recall a specific moment with them from the wedding (if applicable), and mention their gift specifically (i.e., not ‘Thank you for your gift.’).

2.  Mail the card within 3 months of receiving the gift.

3.  All thank you cards ought to be handwritten by either you or your new spouse.

Head to Storkie to find more paper goods for your wedding and beyond!