Wedding Planning

Wedding Invitation Enclosures

A helpful guide to all of those tiny pieces of paper filling wedding invite envelopes.

When it comes to your wedding invitation, you may be wondering what is best to include where. Do you need to select an invitation design that allows you to put all the info in one place, or should you use wedding invitation enclosures to communicate with your guests?  You might just need one or two, or perhaps you want to go enclosure-crazy like the example above (I can only imagine the budget line item for postage for that wedding). Here’s a helpful guide to all of those tiny pieces of paper filling wedding invite envelopes.

RSVP Cards

These handy little guys remind your guests to let you know whether you should set a place for them at the reception.  To receive the most timely responses from your guests, make sure the RSVP card has a return stamp.  Especially in this pay-bills-online era, we all know the frustration of trying to find the roll of forever stamps you purchased forever ago.

What your RSVP cards look like is completely up to you. I love the efficient and straightforward style of the above option. However, if you prefer something a bit more creative, find one to match your invitation (below) or with playful wording.


Particularly if your wedding location is new to the majority of your guests, enclosing basic directions or a map is helpful.  Granted, it isn’t necessary as most guests will have a GPS device or maps app, but it is still a nice touch. If your wedding venue is more remote, check the cell service in the area before skipping on the directions insert.

If your venues aren’t right next to each other, a map like the one below can be a real life saver (especially with available parking clearly marked).

Wedding Events Cards

Some wedding invitation designs don’t allow adequate space for both your ceremony and reception venues, in which case you can simply enclose a reception card.  The same idea also works for rehearsal dinners and morning-after brunches.

Little Extras

These fun enclosures are definitely ‘extra’ but also add to the effect of your wedding invitation suite. Below, hand out stylized calendars your guests can hang on the fridge to remember your big day.

Wondering what songs will get your introverted friends shaking their booties?  Ask them with one of these song request cards. It’s a great way to accumulate a playlist, and what your friends send you just might surprise you.  Who knew Aunt Martha liked Tupac?

Lists of activities or the day’s timeline are great for destination weddings. Because everyone will be a little out of their element (and probably their time zone), a more structured itinerary helps.

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