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Wedding Invitation Ideas by Theme

Wedding Invitation Ideas by Theme



Don’t be overwhelmed by the volume of wedding invitation designs available to you out there. Instead, look for a wedding invitation that will match the style of your big day! We’ve collected several pretty examples to match the most popular themes!






As with most of these designations, ‘traditional’ can be a confusing term. Essentially, traditional wedding decor is often determined by the color palette. Often there will not be a theme other than the colors. You’re not looking for flashy or playful, trendy or rustic, you just want a classic wedding.  Traditional wedding invitations should therefore put your wedding colors front and center, but leave the primary focus on the details of the event.


Below, this white and orange letterpress option is such an elegant wedding invitation. The square shape gives the invite a little ‘oomph’ but this is still a timeless design.  And although vintage has seemingly monopolized letterpress as of late, there is no reason traditional brides shouldn’t take advantage of the texture and instant luxe it provides.






Often, traditional brides think their invites should be really plain. Totally not the case! Use your colors in a fun way with a confetti-style decoration (below) along the top of the invite. The overall design of this wedding invitation is still very traditional in wording and font.







Certain patterns are associated more often with traditional weddings, such as damask (below). Damask is the go-to choice for brides who want a classic black and white weddings. Especially when paired with red roses it gives the whole event plenty of drama!







Although you absolutely could hold a nautical event in the middle of Kansas with nary a sea in sight, you probably won’t. Most often nautical events are themed that way because of their waterfront venue. It’s one of those no-brainer themes for a bride that loves the crispness of prep and is hosting her wedding in a harbor.  You can have this theme in whatever colors you want, but the most timeless are with shades of navy, white, red, and yellow.  Find an invite to match using wide stripes, anchors, flags, or sailboats.


For example, this invitation uses a anchor in their monogram in front of wide navy and white stripes. Total nautical magic.







Personally, I’m a big fan of the signal flags used in this couple’s monogram and envelope lining below.







Vintage events have been exceedingly popular over the last five years, so you are probably pretty familiar with the elements–lace, soft and feminine hues, mismatched china, tea party-worth food. So when you are looking for an invite, look for one that really embraces the classic romance that vintage highlights so well. It shouldn’t be too fussy, but should definitely feel like you have stepped back in time.


This handkerchief-inspired vintage invitation (below) is in sweet shades of pink and its scalloped edges are set off by illustrations of roses.







One vintage wedding invitation staple is a cursive script font. The muted green font of this invitation below puts the typography front and center, and the shape gives it an antique quality.






Of course, when it comes to hosting a destination wedding, your invite should be all about the (you guessed it) destination.  Find an invitation that either directly depicts your location of choice, or one that sets a general tone for the event.  For example, the rustic monogram and watercolor trees aren’t solely Big Sur, but rather illustrate the setting and theme subtly.







Subtle is definitely not what this London destination wedding invitation was going for. Bright with the colors of the Union Jack, not a single guest will wonder where they will be headed for your big day. It’s bright and cheery and fun and uses icons to represent the best of the city.







This Mexico wedding invitation might not be as in-your-face but it incorporates a Mexican vibe really well. From the ‘choose your adventure’ envelope (love this) to the papel picado banner, guests will be shopping for swimwear and sunscreen as soon as they drop their RSVP in the mailbox.




Art Deco


A specific style of vintage, this 1920s style was made popular again by the release of The Great Gatsby. Not to mention, this theme also goes perfectly with the latest gold and silver trends, because no era does opulence quite so stylishly as the Roaring Twenties.


Below, the swirling lines and caps font of this black and gold Art Deco wedding invitation unmistakably fits the era.







A huge paper goods trend over the past years has been laser cut detailing. Although I hadn’t seen this much in Art Deco invites, I think this is a brilliant accent for Art Deco’s signature design elements like feathers and fans (below).







Having a more subdued Art Deco affair?  Keep it simple with traditional 1920s lines and fonts, and use more of a muted champagne palette (below).







Like nautical events, you are probably choosing this theme because your outdoor venue will be surrounding your guests with flowers and grassy expanses. Your garden wedding invitation should make a nod to your floral decor and be similar to a vintage invitation with demure colors and sweet details.


Below, loveliness abounds in an invitation suite worthy of Elizabeth Bennet, with illustrated blooms and pink banners.







If your garden wedding is a little more modern and streamlined than this, find a botanical wedding invitation like the suite below. Its green palette and encyclopedia-style drawings would be ideal for a rooftop garden affair or one held on a large hotel lawn.







On the other end of the spectrum, if your garden wedding is going to be chock-full of whimsy, find an invite with less structured illustrations, such as the black and white sketches on this garden option below.







If vintage is an elegant Victorian bride, retro is her cheeky cousin. Retro weddings are full of humor and big on nostalgia, whether it be pin-up girls from the 1940s or the Brat Pack of the 1980s.  Look for retro wedding invitations that put this fun theme on full display.


Below, yep, that’s a neon pick silhouette of a high ponytailed bride. Love. It. Blending 50s Barbie doll with an 80s color palette is no easy task, but this invite scores.







If you and your honey are known as the go-to pub trivia team members for all questions musical, then you must have these vinyl record retro wedding invitations. You just must.







Modern weddings are a pretty broad category. It is a designation like traditional that can seem like sort of a catch-all. However, most modern weddings are very trendy, style-driven, and typography-focused.  Look for modern wedding invitations that use the same details you plan on extending through your event.


Some modern weddings can use lots of clever wording. Nothing sets the mood better than an invitation to match. This example below feels casual and light.







I’m so in love with this black and gold suite for a New York wedding. The wording is on point, and the color palette perfect for an urban venue. I love the reality shown in the RSVP cards, because sometimes a wedding just isn’t incentive enough to take a midnight train ride home.







Synonymous with country, farm, barn, and lodge weddings, rustic shows off rural at its best. Search for a rustic wedding invitation that best suits your venue or theme, such as a big red barn or a heart and initials carved into a giant tree.  These invites should be the opposite of formal, and instead connote plenty of laidback, easy charm.


This wagon wheel wedding invite belongs to a couple holding their event out West, preferably somewhere along the Oregon Trail, right?










You can also go woodland chic with cute foxes and nostalgic country flowers (above).  If you don’t know all the details about your rustic event, but do know it will be held outside, just give your guests a peek at all of the stars (below).








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