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Wedding Thank You Cards that Make Writing Them a Piece of Cake

Wedding Thank You Cards that Make Writing Them a Piece of Cake

Writing out up to hundreds of wedding thank you cards can seem especially tiresome after just putting on the biggest party of your life. The only method to conquer this task in a fun way is by choosing great thank you cards.

polaroid style thank you

Shake it like a Polaroid

This Polaroid style thank you card is very versatile. You can glam it up by keeping it monochrome and using simple fonts or you can go for wild fun by amping up the colors and introducing some interesting typography. Write a cute note on the back and your guests will love the one page card that they can easily hang on the fridge or store as a memory.

watercolor thank you

Watercolor Fun

These cute watercolor wedding thank you cards are simple yet stylish, with just the right amount of color to make them pop. We love the typography and because there isn’t a wedding photo, you can start writing out your cards a few weeks before the event occurs!

rustic wedding thank you

Country Rustic

This rustic card has all the right words already there, tied together with adorable design features, meaning all you’ll have to do is practice your new signature!

newspaper thank you

It’s Good News!

If your wedding was truly the event of the season, doesn’t that mean that it should have been covered by the local newspaper? Create your own press company, purely to cover your own biggest day. Guests will love reliving the moment along with you and finding themselves in the photos published. This is a cute thank you that will leave a lasting impression.

pineapple thank you cards

So Fruity

If the trendy pineapple was part of your decor at your wedding, don’t shy from closing the loop by having it star on the cover of your thank you cards.

picture wedding thank you

Givin’ It Your Best Shot

Throw a beautiful photo of you and your husband in the background along with some semi-transparent lettering and you have a chic thank you card ready for your notes. Write a gift-specific note on the back and you are guaranteed to be on display next time you visit your guests’ homes.

modern wedding thank you card


A fun and eclectic, though still a minimalist choice, this thank you card is the perfect representation of post-wedding, topsy-turvy life. However, filling out a stack of these great cards won’t be just another task to get caught up on. It’ll be priority.

custom illustration thank you

One of a Kind

Don’t want your wedding thank you cards to look commonplace? When you get an artist to draw an illustration of you guys on your wedding day, there is no way that anyone could forget who the card is from. While you’re at it, blow one of these up and frame it on the wall. What can we say? It’s a great keepsake!

sign thank you card

Give Them a Sign!

Instead of overlaying your “thank you” over a wedding photo, why don’t you just include them in the shot? There are plenty of creative ways to show your gratitude with signs, cut outs, and other photo props. Just remember to think of this before the wedding day. You’ll need to ask you photographer to take the shot and get it to you ASAP so you can start writing out those heartfelt thank yous!

minimalist wedding thank you

Simple Gratitude

Thank you notes can be blessedly simple. The minimalism and simplicity of this act of gratitude is definitely translated to this elegant and stately card.

gold foil wedding thank you card

This gold foil wedding thank you card with its adorable matching envelope is the cutest option for a gold-tone wedding. Slide in a few wallet-sized shots, and your guests will know that you truly valued their presence on your big day.