Wedding Planning

What Type of Printing Should You Use on Your Wedding Invitation?

Here’s how to select the best invitation design for your wedding.

Lately, we have been exploring ways to really make your wedding stationery shine and set the tone for your wedding day. We want to help you select the best invitation for your wedding. With so many printing styles and options the task can seem daunting at first. Have no fear; we are here to help you understand different printing techniques for your invitations. That way you can be confident in selecting which is design is best for you.

First up, we have flat printed invitations. This can also be known as digital printing. The results are a clear and concise invitation. This style is perfect for detailed artwork and photo cards. Flat printing is done using CMYK inks and offers the widest range of color choices and customization.

Another great option is to add foil-pressed design elements to your flat printed wedding invitation. Available in various color foil (such as gold, silver, and rose gold) you can really add a little something special to your invitation. The real foil is pressed directly onto your invitation allowing it to really shine and sparkle!

For couples looking for a great luxe printed invitation, letterpress printing is great option. Letterpress printing provides a beautiful tactile impression for guests. At Minted we use a vintage Heidelberg press which is hand-fed into the press by a press operator. The design is pressed into the paper and results in an elegant, indented image. Letterpress is printed using Pantone inks and each color layer is printed in an individual press run.

Your invitation wording, design and printing method all come together to portray your wedding style to your guests. Your wedding invitation design and printing method will convey the formality of your wedding as well as your style. Whichever printing process you select it is best to keep in mind it should match the degree of formality you want on your wedding day.