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Which Wedding Program Format is Right for You?

Which Wedding Program Format is Right for You?

We help you decide the best style and layout for your wedding program.


Single Fold

When trying to figure out what type of wedding program format you need, the most important detail is how much information you want to share. The classic single fold invitation allows you to fit in your ceremony order and wedding party without having to scrunch, and alsogives you the room for a stylized cover.


Single Sheet

The most cost-efficient option is a single sheet wedding program. You can fit in all the basics and still have a little fun, such as with this example where the couple opted to use icons to represent different activities throughout the evening.


Fan with Handle

Especially popular at summer weddings, this wedding program format is also very simple to DIY. These fans will allow your guests to keep themselves cool as the sun shines during your wedding ceremony.


Fan Booklet

If you order this fan-style wedding program in a very heavy paper, we suppose you might be able to use it to fan yourself. However, its main purpose is to allow a bunch of categorized content in a small, pretty package all tied up with a sweet ribbon.


Decorative Scroll

Rolled-up wedding programs are often used as a way to incorporate other design elements. For example, if you are using lace everywhere in your wedding, you might opt to have a scroll program so that you can secure them with lace ribbons.


Accordion Tri-fold

If you want to share volumes of information about your ceremony with your guests, an accordion wedding program format is the way to go. This example is a tri-fold, but you can order ones with as many folds as the width of paper will allow. Often couples that choose accordion wedding programs include aspects of their love story, details about the music selections, bios of the wedding party, and even sections of their readings.


Multi-Page Booklet

These pretty, compact booklets allow your guests to easily move through tabbed sections. While not quite as much space as the previous accordion wedding program, these glossy booklets make a great impression. They are one of the pricier choices, though, so make sure you have room in your paper goods budget before getting your heart set on them.


Filled Envelope

Out of all the more modern wedding program designs available, we really love the envelope format. Print a minimalist wedding program on the outside and fill the inside with confetti for your exit or a vintage handkerchief for guests to dab their eyes. If you love this concept, but need a little more room, affix the envelope to a single sheet wedding program and it becomes a handy pocket to hold whatever you’d like!


Cootie Catcher

Vintage and retro weddings have so many fetching details. One of the best wedding program ideas for these lighthearted events is a cootie catcher style. Very nostalgic and stylized, you will probably only have room for the most basic info, but your guests will be having so much fun that they won’t care.


Paper Airplane

Paper airplane wedding programs have been popping up everywhere lately, especially at destination and travel-themed ceremonies. Have your guests fly them through the air as you exit. The more colorful, the better the recesssional photo!


Program Sign

Of course, if you want to save yourselves the hassle of programs, you might opt to simply post a sign as guests enter the ceremony. It’s quick and efficient, and depending on how many guests you invited, can cost less than traditional wedding programs.