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Writing a Great Wedding Thank You Note

Tips and tricks, as well as a few do’s and don’ts to writing a great thank you note.

Out of all of the wedding tasks, thank you notes are one of the most dreaded.  Like taking down the Christmas tree, they are representative of a joyous holiday concluding, and a return to reality. But just because thank you notes aren’t as fun as cake tasting doesn’t mean they are any less important, and it is possible to not have them be the monotonous undertaking you are expecting. Here are a few tips and tricks, as well as a few do’s and don’ts to writing a great thank you note.

Make each one personal.

Endeavor to connect with each guest by personalizing their thank you note by mentioning a specific anecdote or moment that might apply to them. Also, thank them for their specific gift, giving a sentence or two about how you plan to use it.

Do:  Thank you so much for the margarita machine! Jack and I can’t wait to break it in on taco night.

Don’t:  Thanks for your thoughtful gift.

It’s not important to have wedding-specific thank you cards.

Some wedding invitation suites come with thank you notes that match your other paper goods.  And that’s great, but not necessary.  There are going to be a million different occasions over the years that require a thank you note. It’s perfectly fine to purchase a classic style, either with or without a monogram, that you can buy in bulk and use again!

The same rules apply when you have a honeymoon registry.

If you had a honeymoon registry, you received things like train tickets and dinners out rather than a butter dish and blender. But the same rules still apply. Thank them for their specific gift, and mention a pertinent moment from either the wedding or honeymoon that you think they’ll enjoy.  You can even theme your thank you cards, like selecting one in French following a Paris honeymoon, if you wish.

 Yes, you can send special cards to special people.

If you want to send a different card to immediate family members or friends from your wedding party, that’s perfectly fine. The pink and gold paper airplane card below would be a perfect thank you note if you had a paper airplane exit from your event (but it’s probably a bit pricey to send to everyone).

A pre-printed card is no substitute for a thank you note.

In an effort to save time and energy, we’ve started to see pre-printed thank you notes emerging. Although this is fine to give to your guests as you welcome them to your event (we love the idea of leaving each guests a thank you note for attending at their place setting), it’s not acceptable as a thank you note for their gift.  A thank you note should be a personal call out, not make the guest feel like a number.

But that also doesn’t mean that they need to be a Russian novel.

Save on postage with postcards. Your message doesn’t need to be long.  Just make sure you hit all the right notes in the process.

Do: Thank you so much for the gift certificate to our favorite restaurant. We’ve already used it for our first ‘married’ date night!  It was wonderful seeing you at the wedding. I know how much it meant to both of us that you traveled so far. Hope you are having a great summer, and let’s talk soon!

Don’t:  Thanks for the gift. We really liked it. See you soon!

If you both are still struggling with writing your thank you notes, set up personal goals and rewards. For example, you could not spend any of your gift cards until you finish, or go for dinner out for every 50 you complete. Whatever works!

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