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Khanitha & Francis’ Fabulous Floridian Fall Wedding by Vitalic Photo

For those of us in cooler climates, this is the time of year when we start to yearn for sunnier locales. Like Florida! And, looking out my window at the moment, let me tell you, I’m no exception.

For those of us in cooler climates, this is the time of year when we start to yearn for sunnier locales. Like Florida! And, looking out my window at the moment, let me tell you, I’m no exception. Fortunately, today’s gorgeous real wedding from Vitalic Photo of Khanitha and Francis’s big day hails from the sunshine state.

So many stunning details abound in these beautiful images: the dress, the bridesmaids, the church, the venue, the adorable glasses (you’ll see what I mean), the sunset. Ah! Just what anyone would want when starting a wintry weekend.

Florida + Fall + Sunsets + Weddings = a fabulous way to start a Friday!

Khanitha’s thoughts on planning her wedding:

As an interior decorator, I didn’t realize how hard it was to plan my own wedding. I love all things pretty. Deciding on one particular style was probably the most difficult part of planning a wedding. I was fortunate that my fiance has good taste. Without him, I would have had a really hard time making a decision.

The second biggest decision maker was my wedding dress. I’ve always envisioned myself wearing a linen wedding dress and having a summer wedding. Being that I live in Florida, a summer wedding was not an option. I purchased my dress early on so I had to make it work somehow. The second best season in Florida besides spring is fall. The only problem with getting married in the fall is that my linen wedding dress didn’t quite fit the occasion. After endless hours of research, I somehow made it all work without having to buy a new wedding dress. I really love my dress so I’m glad it all worked out.

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?

I’ve always envisioned my wedding day to be outdoors and near water. Pretty much like my childhood in Nantucket, Massachusetts where I spent most of my summers. I wanted a whimsical seaside wedding. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull that off in Florida but I happened to pull it off. Paradise Cove provided me with the perfect opportunity to have my dream wedding. It is located outside of Orlando in a remote area near the attractions and outlet malls. You would never think such a beautiful location would be found here, but it was! It was an excellent venue.

What was the most meaningful part of your day?

Family was the most meaningful part of my wedding day. Both Francis and I had family flying in from international countries. It was amazing to see our two families from the opposite sides of the world come together. The best part of it all was that they came for us.

Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?

We were lucky enough to have a US Marine attend our wedding. He is Francis’s first cousin who he hadn’t seen in over 10 years. He was also going to be deployed to Afghanistan the week after our wedding so the timing was perfect for him to attend our wedding. It was such an honor to have him at our wedding and we were so happy to be able to provide him with a memorable experience before his deployment.

Tell us details of the events surrounding the wedding as well.

Being that our wedding day was the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), my bridesmaids and I didn’t have enough time to get a manicure and pedicure before the wedding. Since the salon was closed on Thanksgiving Day, we had to get everything done that morning. Needless to say, the morning of the wedding was hectic! Once I saw my husband- to- be at the altar, I knew I didn’t have to worry anymore. We were finally together and the rest of the evening was magical. After the wedding ceremony, we rushed to Paradise Cove, which was a 30 -40 min drive from the church, to catch the sunset for our pictures. Luckily, the traffic was minimal and we were able to arrive at Paradise Cove in time to capture the beautiful sunset for our pictures.

How did you know your partner was ‘the one’?

I knew Francis was the one early on in our relationship. On one of our dates, I took Francis to Disney World. My mom works at Disney so she met us there to get us in.  While we were walking through the Disney stores, I realized that no one was following me. When I looked back, my mom and Francis were chatting away and didn’t even realize I was missing! I’ve never seen my mom so happy so I asked her what they were talking about. Come to find out, she was suggesting to Francis that we should consider getting married at the Disney Pavilion. Who knew that a year later, he would actually propose!

Any advice you’d give new brides who are just getting started?

My advice to new brides is to stay positive. There’s going to be many ups and down throughout the whole process.  Not everything is going to work out the way you want it to, nor will others be as passionate about your big day as you are. Stay focused on the objective which is the day you are going to marry the love of your life. Not the minor details!


Photographer: Vitalic Photo

Church: St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church

Venue: Paradise Cove

Dress: Priscilla of Boston

Shoes: Nina

Catering:  Cuisiners Catering

Event Planning: Bride and Brian Stroo Interiors

Flowers: Brian Stroo Interiors

DJ: Ricky Vasquez