Wedding Planning

Newlywed Perspective: The Big Move

Moving is hard. Very hard. And tiring. Very, very tiring.

Moving is hard. Very hard. And tiring. Very, very tiring.

Somehow, in the midst of planning our wedding, I completely forgot that at the end of it I would have to box all of my worldly belongings up, truck them over to Shayne’s and start the process of making his things and my things become ‘our’ things. If I’d been smart, I would have started packing and organizing and furniture moving way in advance (do this. Or make him move in with you. Or find a completely new place to live and both of you can do this. Which probably makes empathizing a much easier process.) before the wedding week.

However, moving is also fun. Very fun. And kind of exciting. You can add it to the ever-growing list of married-couple things you get to do (like your first grocery shopping trip as a married couple. And your first time making dinner in your kitchen as a married couple. And your first rock-paper-scissors match over who gets to do the dishes as a married couple. That list.) and have some pretty fantastic opportunities to work on both your communication skills and your flexibility in the process.

Plus, you get to make your home together. I didn’t even think I had a nesting instinct until I started moving all of my things to our home and my brain automatically snapped into ‘cute and cozy’ mode and daydreams of wall-hangings and throw blankets began to dance in my head and now Shayne and I are actually finding ourselves sitting on the couch and planning out what we want out little corner of the world to look and feel like. You know, the picture frames and the bookshelves and the pots and pans hanging from the kitchen ceiling. It’s everything that we just started to get a glimpse of when we registered for our wedding and it’s all starting to come together in this place we get to call our own.

How fun is that?! It’s all new and clean ‘for both of us’ and even though it’s been three weeks and I still cannot ever remember which drawer I’ve decided to keep my socks in, it’s all beginning to feel like home.