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Not Your Typical Wedding Guest Books

Not Your Typical Wedding Guest Books
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Your wedding won’t be typical, so why should your guest book be? Shop these awesome guest book alternatives we found at Etsy, Zazzle and Amazon for a totally creative addition to your wedding design.



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Jenga Pieces

Price: $9.00

Scrap the traditional guest book and let your guests have some fun! Have everyone sign a Jenga block and enjoy playing the game at the reception to follow.

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Guest Book Puzzle

Price: $19.95

We love the idea of symbolizing your relationship with a puzzle that everyone can be a part of! Have your guests sign one piece and put it together for a memory that stands apart from other guest books.

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Polaroid Scrapbook

Price: $63.00

Allow your guests to snap Polaroids (with or without photo props) at your wedding to capture those special moments, then place them next to this charming album. After the wedding, file them away in style.

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Baby Bahar Collection Wedding Pinata Pomander Guest Book Alternative

Price: $180.00

Make a splash at your wedding with this custom-made, rose-covered piñata that your guests can stuff with notes. Smash it on your one-year anniversary to read the advice that well-wishers gave you on your big day.

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Wooden Wedding Guest Book Sign

Price: $176.42

Create a piece of home décor for you and the groom with a sentimental wedding-day touch. Have your guests leave notes on this monogrammed sign for a sweet addition to your home.

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Guest Book Date Jar

Price: $30.00

Keep date night on the calendar for years to come with this date night jar! Leave it out at your wedding and let your guests drop in date ideas to keep your future full of surprises.

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Wishing Stones Guest Book

Price: $175.00

Bring your guests’ best wishes into your future as they sign a stone with a personal note. These wishing stones will serve as a super cute addition to your home decor!

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Birds on a Branch Guest Book Bench

Price: $240.00

This bench is a great guest book alternative for an outdoor wedding, as it features a motif of birds on a branch. Your names will be burned into the wood above the birds, while the date, year or phrase will be placed underneath.

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Date Sign Guest Book

Price: $55.00

We love versatile wedding day décor. Not only is this perfect for signing on your wedding day, but also so great for a wedding announcement on your save the dates or social media!

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Typewriter Print Album Board

Price: $37.50

While we’re obsessed with the idea of having a typewriter at the wedding, its lack of practicality may not be everyone’s thing. Now you can fake it with a framed print for guests to sign —they won’t even know the difference!

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Wine Bottle Guest Book Labels

Price: $25.00

Personalize your wine bottle labels for future celebrations! Have guests sign each at the wedding in place of a guest book. Pop open the bottles according to each anniversary and reminisce with a glass of wine with your hubby—cheers!

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Gold Foil World Map Wedding Alternative Guest Book

Price: $115.00

This canvas alternative to a guest book features a world map that can be signed by your guests. It will feature your names and wedding date, and you can further customize it by moving the heart to your wedding’s location.

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Bicycle Balloon Wedding Poster Designed by Key and Compass

Price: $21.95

This poster features a charming illustration of white balloons floating above a tandem bicycle. The couple can have their names printed on the poster, along with the wedding date and location, then guests can writes notes on the balloons.

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Littledollz Wedding Tree Wood Guest Book

Price: $43.00See Reviews

Made of laser-cut wood, this tree-shaped guest board features your names in script along with your wedding date. Guests can sign the wooden leaves at your wedding, creating a personalized piece of art.

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Ocean Drop Photography Chalkboard Style Wedding Signing Board

Price: $46.00

Putting a fun spin on tradition, this chalkboard effect board allows guests to write messages directly onto the board’s surface with white markers. Add your own frame to transform the board into a personalized, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.