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Old-School Registry Picks That You Still Need Today

Old-School Registry Picks That You Still Need Today

Couples have been registering for these items forever for a reason.

While much has changed since the department store Marshall Field introduced bridal registries in 1924, many of the items we register for remain the same—and for good reason. Several of the wedding gifts brides have requested for decades are just as useful now, which is why we’re taking a note from the registries of the past. Before you finalize your ultra-modern gift list—complete with a Vitamix, no doubt!—consider including these four timeless items.


Dutch Oven

There’s a simple explanation to why these enamel-covered cast-iron crocks have been on registries and in kitchens for years. They make the best family-style soups, stews, and veggies around, and can even be used for making homemade bread. The takeaway? These hard-working pots will be with you from the honeymoon phase to your senior years. Just ask your grandma (who probably registered for one herself).

Dinnerware and Flatware Set

Styles have changes, of course, but the power of classic, sleek china and flatware sets have not. Add both to your registry, and be sure to request multiple place settings (8 to 12 are best if you plan on entertaining family holidays!). Worried about choosing a pattern or color you won’t love in 20 years? Opt for a sleek, all-white version with minimal detailing.

Traditional Crystal

Whether you choose a classic wine glass set, light-catching vase, or polished salt-and-pepper set, you can count on crystal never going out of style. Just be sure to choose a crystal piece that matches your other décor. It’s easy to do, since these shiny housewares come in all aesthetics, from minimal to classic and everything in between.


Luxurious, high-quality bedsheets, pillows, and blankets have been on gift lists since the very beginning of registries. The reason why? Getting a solid, comfortable night’s sleep is timeless. Just be sure to try out each item before it makes the list since everything about bedding, from pillow firmness, to thread count, to fabric, is personal.