Wedding Planning

Scott and Lindsay’s Retro Portland, OR Wedding by Powers Photography Studios

Portland has a reputation for being a little hipster. A little too cool for school with its handlebar moustaches and fancy-pancy microbrews. And I’m not going to deny that is a part of the cultural landscape. But Portland’s best kept style secret? Mid-century modern chic.

We may appreciate vintage, but retro is where our heart is. And that is how we arrive at Scott and Lindsay’s fantastic little shindig. From the 1950s inspired cocktails to the hip and happening fonts, they are here to show you how retro shines.

Held at the very fun Jupiter Hotel & Doug Fir, this wedding has so many ‘mod’ details, you will come down with an incurable case of nostalgia. Thank you to our dear friends at Powers Photography Studio for sharing (I’m listening to Rosemary all day, and it’s completely your fault).

What was your vision?

We started with a mid-century-modern concept, but didn’t worry about adhering to a strict aesthetic “theme” all that much. It was more important that is just felt like “us”. For instance, my dress didn’t have a mid-century silhouette, I just chose a dress I loved. But there were touches, like the retro invites that I designed, my succulent bouquet, and our atomic cake. We also chose mai tais and Hawaiian food because it was popular in the “tiki revival” era of the 1950s (and also because Scott proposed on a beach in Kauai).

What was special about your venue?


We knew the Jupiter Hotel was perfect for us. We wanted a laid-back environment that reflected the vibe of SE Portland, which is where we live and like to spend our time.  We are also big music lovers, and spent a few early dates going to shows at the Doug Fir, which is the music venue and restaurant connected to the Jupiter Hotel. Knowing my aversion to anything overly sappy or sentimental, Scott surprised me with a great music playlist that wasn’t so much wedding, but so very, very us. A little folk-punk here, a little 80s there… it was quirky but fit right in with the overall ambiance of the night and made for a lively party.

What was the most meaningful part of your day?


It was all very meaningful, but the signing of the marriage certificate stands out because it was an opportunity for the importance of the day to sink in with just each other, our dearest friends, and our officiant present. A moment of more personal celebration amidst an otherwise chaotic day. I was also very grateful for our guests. We had a lot of friends in from out of state, some of whom I hadn’t seen in years. It meant so much to us to have everyone from so many different parts of our lives together to show their support for us.

How did you know he was “the one”?


I had a crush on Scott in high school, but we ran in different social circles so we never met or spoke until our 10 year reunion. I’m not sure there was ever a moment when I “knew he was the one”, but our relationship was so happy and healthy that getting married seemed like a very natural thing.  We actually asked our high school English teacher to officiate the ceremony, as he was a favorite and an inspiration for both of us back when he was our teacher.  And, we loved the idea of being married by someone who was a special part of both of our pasts. He accepted, and did a really beautiful job.

Any advice for couples just starting the planning process?


Don’t worry too much about things that are out of your control, but be mentally prepared for little things to go wrong.  Even if you’re usually an even-keeled person, expect and be okay with a few extra stress-tears.  You’ll be back to normal when the planning is over. Remember to be kind to your partner, he/she loves you. Do your own thing, but not at the expense of your guests.  It may be “your” wedding, as many say, but they are there to show their love and support, and should be appreciated. Treat them well, and don’t take them for granted.


Photography: Powers Photography Studios

Venue: Jupiter Hotel

Dress: Pronovias

Shoes: Nordstrom

Accessories: Kate Spade

Catering: Simpatica & Ate-Oh-Ate Hawaiian

Flowers: Floral Sunshine