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Should You Have a Wedding Website If You’re Eloping?

Should You Have a Wedding Website If You’re Eloping?


Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean that you’re disqualified from having a wedding website—or should we say, elopement website! In fact, there are plenty of reasons to still create and share an online hub for your marriage, which we’ve outlined below.






You Want to Share Your Special Day


Eloping doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want to share your nuptial experience with your nearest and dearest. Maybe you want to cut costs by having a small guest list, or maybe you’ve decided to travel somewhere to tie the knot, and your event won’t be easy for a large group of people to attend. There are many different situations in which couples go the elopement route, but still spread the news and give others a look into their special day. With a wedding website, you can post photos from your ceremony, and fill your loved ones in on the details.




You’re Throwing a Celebration


The actual elopement isn’t the only event that some eloping couples choose to plan. You might celebrate your marriage with a party afterwards, like a reception, for example. If this is the case, a wedding website can help you share those plans with guests.




You’re Registering for Gifts


If you’re eloping and celebrating with friends and family at a different time, feel free to register for gifts, as most attendees will want to bring a token of congratulations to the party. Make your registry easily accessible by sharing the specifics on your wedding website.