Wedding Planning

Should You Share Your Wedding Photos on Your Wedding Website?

Consider these things before posting.

When you finally receive your finished album from your wedding photographer, it’s hard not to want to show off the images. But what’s the best way to do so? Posting them on your wedding website is a great way to share the snapshots, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you upload.


Is your wedding website public?

Many couples make their wedding websites private, because they don’t want all of their celebration’s details available to anyone with access to the internet. If you haven’t limited your site’s visibility and you don’t want your wedding photos accessible to the public, you have two options. You can make the entire thing password-protected, or just the page that you’re sharing your photos on. Some wedding websites can also be set to expire after the wedding date. Make sure yours doesn’t if you want to post your photos there after the big day.

Do you want feedback from guests?

Anytime you share anything with others, you’re opening yourself up to feedback, whether you want it or not. Think long and hard about letting every guest see your album. If you’d rather not have your images tainted by criticism from judgmental attendees, you might want to think twice about posting. If you know that words won’t hurt you, or you trust your loved ones to be kind, go right ahead.

Is it worth your time?

If everyone’s asking to see your snapshots and you’re willing to share them, upload away. If you’re worried that there might be a lack of interest, and you don’t feel like taking the time to put them up, you certainly aren’t obligated to. Consult your partner and make sure doing so is important to both of you, or to your guests. If it’s not, don’t sweat it.