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The 10 Best Details from 2015’s Real Weddings

The 10 Best Details from 2015’s Real Weddings

2015 was so full of gorgeous events that it was hard to narrow down our 10 favorite details!  Thankfully, after much debate and decision, we somehow managed to pick the moments we loved the most.

During each December we review all of the real weddings from that year, pouring over our favorite photos. 

Mix and Match

We’ve loved mismatched bridesmaid dresses since this trend first gained popularity, and this modern wedding illustrates why mixing and matching works so well!  In creamy neutrals and pale metallics, these bridesmaids were glowing almost as much as the bride!

Glittering Shoes

As magical as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers, these Kate Spade stunners embody a year with a whole lot of wedding razzle-dazzle. In this particular wedding, the sparkle was kept to a minimum with only a pop or two here and there.

Co-Ed Wedding Party

The traditional lineup of bridesmaids and groomsmen just doesn’t fit most relationships these days. Brides have male besties and grooms want their sisters standing right alongside them. This Mill Valley, CA wedding shows that having a co-ed wedding party doesn’t look at all awkward. Rather, it is an authentic group of friends gathered for a special occasion behind the people that love them the most.

Sweet Ride

Grooms don’t often get to be the star of their wedding day. Make him feel dapper with a cool vintage car rental.  This groom looked absolutely suave and sophisticated, a real-life combo of James Bond and Don Draper.  Just trust us, this retro ride will totally make him forget how much the wedding dress cost.

Magical Programs

Every year more and more weddings celebrate a couple’s unique personality, rather than attempt to be a cookie cutter version of the ‘perfect’ event. And we couldn’t love that more. This wedding was very darkly glam and featured Harry Potter-inspired details throughout. Our favorite was this Daily Prophet wedding program. Genius!

Dressed for the Occasion

This darling race track wedding in Florida had guests gathered in genteel Derby finery. This just proves that nothing beats being surrounded by the right people on your wedding day!  From broad, floppy hats to jaunty bow ties and argyle pants, this crowd was adorably appropriate for the event!

Kransekake Madness

2015 seemed to be the year of the Norwegian wedding cake. A minimalist’s dream, this confection consisting of layered circles was a hit at this wine country wedding!  Remember, don’t try to cut it as you would a traditional cake. Rather, serve it tier by tier, cutting the circles on a plate as they get larger.

Oh Boy, Pie!

Pie buffets certainly aren’t a new trend, but this giant selection of mini-pies had us needing a pastry run, stat. Decorated with rustic details to match this fabulous Northwest wedding, guests chose between classic flavors and modern combinations perched atop woodcuts.

Food Truck Munchies

When your favorite food comes from a local food truck, you really don’t have any choice but to bring them along on your wedding day. This cute couple opted to serve their guests food they knew they would love, rather than a lavish dinner meant to impress.

Ooey Gooey Midnight Snacks

As the party started to wind down, guests at this fabulous wedding were treated to delish ice cream sandwiches as a midnight snack. With tired friends getting a recharge from their made-to-order frozen treats, they were all able to get back on the dance floor with plenty of energy for the last couple songs.

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