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The First Three Things to Do After the Proposal

The First Three Things to Do After the Proposal

He did it! He popped the question!  Now what?


The Christmas season is one of the most popular times for proposals, so whether your ring was wrapped under the tree or at the bottom of a glass of champagne, congrats!  It’s so tempting to start with the really fun stuff: bragging about your ring on Instagram, buying every wedding magazine in sight, calling all your friends to be bridesmaids.  But, you should take a moment to savor this exciting time. And once you are done with the savoring, start with these 3 simple steps:


Tell your immediate families.


Before you hop onto Facebook to prove all your frenemies wrong (and that you are, in fact, not going to die alone), pause.  You should both tell your respective families, as well as any former spouses, before announcing it on social media. Besides, you don’t want to answer a million questions about dates and plans so soon after the ring. Total buzzkill.  Telling your family over the phone is fine, unless you want to wait to tell them in person and arrange a visit.


Make big-picture plans.


No, you do not need to start trying on wedding dresses yet.  You first need to pick a date, or choose to have a long engagement.  Once you have this question answered, you can start telling people. If you have a specific venue that is a non-negotiable or another event that needs to be planned around, this can help you narrow down your time frame.  If you aren’t living together, you might also want to discuss where the two of you will live, so that any long-term planning with leases or rental agreements can be handled appropriately.


Be on the same page.


Before you know it, wedding planning can get crazy without some parameters. While now is not the time to start looking at cakes or selecting invites, it is a good time for a discussion to make sure the two of you are on the same page.  Do you want a small or large wedding?  Local or destination?  Formal and traditional or all-out party?  These bigger decisions will inform all the details you plan later, and it helps you start off on the right foot.


Congrats on this momentous occasion in your lives!


Photo Credit: Lyndsay Undseth