Wedding Planning

The Right Gift for Every Groomsman!

Gifts for your friends can be a challenge, especially when you have groomsmen with so many different personalities and interests. Here are a few gift suggestions to help you pick out the perfect present for each pal.

The ‘I Know a Place’ Groomsman  He’s the friend that always has the best restaurant recommendations, and knows which bartender makes the greatest martini, and which one has the most generous happy hour. Give this local boy some hometown pride with these map-themed glasses.

The ‘Foodie, in a Cool Way’ Groomsman  He’s not obnoxious about it, but this guy can work his way through a cheese and wine pairing with aplomb.  In fact, he probably helped when you needed a little assistance translating the caterer’s suggestions.  Give him these tasty dipping oils to enjoy.

The ‘More Products than Your New Bride’ Groomsman  Yep. His counters are covered with moisturizers and cologne and pomades.  But he does look pretty sharp…Let him know you appreciate him with a luxury shaving kit, sure to keep him smooth.

The ‘I Won’t Have Cell Reception Out There’ Groomsman  This guy hasn’t spent a weekend indoors since you’ve know him. From sailing to mountain climbing, this rugged friend does it all. Give him a practical and sturdy thermos, so that he can stay warm and caffeinated on his next adventure.

The ‘I’ve Got a Change of Clothes at Work’ Groomsman  He has perfected the work restroom outfit change with more speed and dexterity than Clark Kent. He proudly bikes to work every day, and sometimes nags you into riding in with him. These bicycle chain cufflinks will help him go from workout to boardroom in style.

The ‘Why Aren’t You Watching the Game’ Groomsman   This buddy doesn’t understand why cake tasting should take precedent over the game, because for him nothing beats rooting for his team. One of these gorgeous ballpark blueprints is so much better than another team logo beer stein, don’t you think?

The ‘You Haven’t Made Eye Contact with Him Since He Bought His Smartphone’ Groomsman  We all know one.  The heart wants what the heart wants, and his wants his phone and every app he can find. Elevate his favorite accessory with one of these swanky monogrammed cases.