Wedding Planning

The Textographer Creates Pictures Out of Words, Literally



A creative and romantic way to share your wedding photos after the big day!



At first glance, this photo looks like any other poster-sized print of a very cute couple on their wedding day. But upon closer inspection…





Holy cow! Are those words that make up her face? Why, yes they are. Very clever, that Textographer, wouldn’t you agree? He and his group of classically-trained artists break down your photo and replace it with text of your choosing so it mimics the original.





And, what a great way to remember a special part of your day – your vows, all of the guests that attended your wedding, song lyrics from your first dance – in a completely unique way.



I guess in this case, a picture really would be worth a thousand words (sorry, just had to do it!).






To see how easy it is to convert your photos into words, click here.