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These Couples Totally Rocked Their Rainy Day Weddings

These Couples Totally Rocked Their Rainy Day Weddings

If rain on your wedding day is good luck, then these couples are as lucky as they come! These newlyweds didn’t let the weather ruin their big day – they proved that a major downpour can create some seriously stunning photographs.

These 13 stunning rainy day wedding photos will make you think twice before singing, ‘rain, rain go away!’

1. This groom isn’t going to let a little rain get in the way of his bright smile as he stares at his new bride.

2. A little drizzle means the opportunity to steal a kiss under a clear umbrella for a sweet moment between the two of you.

3. Get the whole gang outside for a group shot – just don’t forget the umbrellas!

4. If your photographer can get a bird’s eye view – it will give you and your sweetheart a whole new perspective on rainy weather.

5. Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. The best man stepped in to shield this Colorado couple from the elements.

6. This cute couple did their first look in a rainy forest and the outcome was absolutely fabulous.

7. Say goodbye to those sparkly high heels! Rain boots are a wedding day must when it starts to drizzle at your outdoors wedding.

8. This dreamy duo used the reflection of the puddles to create a captivating wedding photo that they will cherish forever.

9. This couple improvised when they had to take cover after their vows. They seem pretty okay with it, right?

10. A little nighttime rain means taking cover under an umbrella and the street lights.

11. A little bit of rain really enhances city lights. Don’t be afraid to hit the streets for a non-traditional wedding photo op.

12. Puddles have never looked so romantic.

13. Don’t be afraid to get a little playful! If your dress is already wet – slip off your shoes and go for it!

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