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Tips for Combating Wedding Day Jitters

It’s your wedding day!  And unfortunately, you’re a tiny bit of a wreck. Whether you are nervous, overemotional, or just super duper excited, wedding day jitters are very common. Here are a few tips to calm you for your walk down the aisle. 

Watch what you eat and drink for several days before your wedding.

Remember that at its essence, food is fuel. Yes, we might all love sugary treats, strong cocktails, and gallons of coffee, but that doesn’t mean we are giving our bodies the right fuel to cope with all of the added stress.  Make sure to watch your caffeine intake to avoid the jitters (but also have a little bit to prevent the dreaded withdrawal headaches), and drink plenty of water.

Aromatherapy can be your best friend.

Scent is an extremely powerful sense. We attach scents to important memories, making us feel a wide range of emotions when we smell them again. Find calming scents to relax you. For many people that’s lavender or clary sage, but maybe for you it is basil that reminds you of your mother cooking in the kitchen or gardenia from your grandmother’s signature perfume. Spritz these in small doses when you need to feel more secure and centered.

Know yourself and what you need.

We process our emotions in very different ways. Introverts, who might prefer to overcome their wedding day jitters with some peace and quiet (and more than a little self talk) shouldn’t hesitate to ask for some time alone the morning of the wedding. Extroverts receive their energy from others and might benefit from talking through their nerves with their entire bridal party. Just make sure to express what you need and communicate that to the people surrounding you on your wedding day.

Preparation is everything.

To those of us who seem to procrastinate on every little task this is a frustrating revelation, but it’s also totally true.  If you want to lower your wedding stress, the best way is to make sure everything gets done in time. DIYing your place cards the night before your event is not going to help you feel peaceful.  Schedule generous deadlines for yourself to avoid last-minute errands and projects.  If you are still in your early planning phase, but feel like time management is not your strong suit, consider at least hiring a day-of planner to help you manage the little details.

Reassure yourself that the unexpected will be okay.

Brides put so much pressure on themselves about creating the best possible event. It’s natural to spend the night before your wedding tossing and turning over potential crises, from the wedding cake falling over in the bakery van to the flower girl having a meltdown. Yes, more than likely, something unexpected will arise. But just reassure yourself ahead of time that it will be okay, and that you will simply deal with it and move forward.

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