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Travel Gadgets & Accessories to Add to Your Registry

These helpful travel gadgets and accessories will make your next trip a breeze!

Are you two avid travelers?  If you’ve opted for a traditional gift registry, rather than a honeymoon registry, that doesn’t mean you can’t still support your travel habit!  

Very few people are totally comfy on an airplane.  And those thin, scratchy blankets aren’t exactly plush. Travel with a little extra luxury with this merino wool travel set (above).  Another tactic to relaxing is dressing well. This hoodie (below) is cozy and the sleeves can be adjusted to wear several different ways.

Finding your luggage on the carousel can be one of the biggest headaches of a vacation. Make it a little easier on yourselves by selecting bright tags that are easy to spot!  Speaking of luggage, why not register for some new pieces that will accommodate your next trip?  We love Eagle Creek bags (below) for their reasonable price tag and incredible durability.

Planning a honeymoon to a location with a vibrant nightlife?  Just because the city doesn’t sleep, it shouldn’t mean that you can catch a few zzzs. These ‘sleep phones’ will help you drift off to the sounds of your favorite music or to an air machine app on your phone.

A selfie stick is the perfect gift for a couple that wants to trek the globe. They can capture the scenery behind them in epic photos.  This Polar Pro model above performs well in a wide variety of weather conditions.

Making sure everything is in its proper place is one of the keys to stress-free travel. This orange mini-tablet (above) is stylish and well-organized!

Passport covers are another simple accessory that can make all the difference when you are out of the country. A bright cover helps you find them in the bottom of a bag in a hurry!

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