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Travis and Jenna’s Canadian Lake Wedding by Dawn Sparks Photography

Travis and Jenna’s wedding is the perfect way to kick of the weekend! Filled with sweet DIY details, rustic lake charm, and, of course, a girl in a wedding dress water skiing, this wedding is just about as carefree and cool as a wedding can get. Is anyone else wishing they were invited?

Travis and Jenna’s wedding is the perfect way to kick of the weekend! Filled with sweet DIY details, rustic lake charm, and, of course, a girl in a wedding dress water skiing, this wedding is just about as carefree and cool as a wedding can get. Is anyone else wishing they were invited? Read below for the list of DIY projects Jenna and her family put together for this wedding! Thanks to the lovely Dawn Sparks for sending us this memorable event.

What DIY projects did you do?

My vision for the wedding was a more natural and casual wedding.  We had a ton of DIY projects.  Here is a list of things we made ourselves:
Shoes- The whole wedding party went barefoot.  For the bachelorette party the bridesmaids and I got together and made ‘barefoot sandals’.  They are beaded things that wrap around one of your toes and then go around your ankle. We spent hours making them!
Bridesmaids Jewelry- I made all of the girls’ necklaces and then I had a friend make all of their earrings.
Garter- My mom and my sister made that.
Invitations- I designed them and then had them printed.  Once they came, my family helped to put them all together. They were designed to look like a passport since our wedding was in Canada and we needed a passport to cross the border.
Centerpieces-  I love white birch trees, so my dad and brother cut down some trees and then we drilled holes down them and planted moss and flowers in them and also put candles in them.
Flower Girl Baskets- We cut up some white birch trees and then my dad hollowed them out. I glued moss around the top of them and braided hemp string to make the handles.
Candy Table- We peeled white birch bark to wrap around containers and then also made some bowls out of the tree.
Program- I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on programs, so my dad had some big pieces of stone slate that we brought up and then my cousin used chalk to write out the program on the slates and we leaned them up against trees so everyone could see them during the ceremony.
Stage- My dad cut a huge log in half and then laid them near the lake for the whole wedding party to stand on.
Cake topper- Our cake topper was made by my brother and sister who welded and used wire to make two people sitting on a tandem bike.
Cake- My cousin made our mountain cake. We used a huge log bark and all for the base of the cake to sit on. She used candy stones for the path. We cut the cake with a machete!!
Pictures displayed- We used three big sticks that we tied together and then I used hemp string and little clothes pins to hang different pictures of Travis and me.

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?
My husband and I got married at my parent’s lake house on Aylen Lake in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada.  My grandfather was one of the first people to have a cabin on that lake and I have gone up there multiple times a year ever since I was born.  A lot of my family goes up every summer and we are usually there for about a month.

Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?
I always like to be different and do something unexpected.  One of the fun and different things we did for entertainment for our guests, was my husband Travis and I went water skiing in our wedding attire. Yes, I skiied in my actual wedding dress. You only wear it once anyways!  After that, our whole wedding party was brought out to the water trampoline in boats where we posed for a picture and then the whole wedding party, including my mom, jumped off into the water.
Also, when Travis and I walked back down the aisle after the ceremony, everyone shot Nerf gun darts at us instead of doing the traditional bubbles or bird seed. Travis scooped me up in his arms and ran me off to protect me from the darts!!

What issues did you have with planning a destination wedding?

My family was a huge help in helping me get the wedding together.  Since it was a destination wedding we had to make everything at home and then find a way to transport it. We had a 30′ trailer that we loaded and took up with everything from food, grills, large canopy tent, picnic tables, chairs and more.  I was able to go to Canada a few times to meet with the company who did my flowers and to take some of the wedding decorations up.  For our invitations, I made it look like it was a passport, so my whole family got together to make an assembly line to put them together.  My family also helped a lot with the crafts and detail I was making too.
Also, since our cabin was kind of far from any big city, we decided to do a small wedding, with just family and close friends.  We were able to squeeze everyone into our cabins and our friends’ cabins on the lake. We had fun being able to hang out with everyone the days before the wedding and my family and friends on the lake all came to help set everything up.

How did you know your partner was ‘the one’?

I could just tell that my husband was ‘the one.’  I could always picture us together and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.  He was and still is my brother’s best friend and our families get along really well, which was important to me.  His mom had always wanted us to be together.  I just always loved being around him and I could be myself.  I never opened up to any one else as much as I opened up to him.  I could tell him absolutely everything.  He is my best friend. We met at church when we were in the 4th grade, and it was important to me that whoever I married was a Christian.

Any advice you’d give new brides who are just getting started?
I would say stay calm.  If something goes wrong on the wedding day just think of it as a fun memory.  I didn’t stress about much of anything and was really laid back.  I looked online for lots of ideas, and I wanted to make my wedding more natural.  I spent hours on for inspiration.  Family is great for helping you get things together.


Photographer: Dawn Sparks (Her husband Noy was the assistant.  They are AMAZING photographers!)
Venue: Family cottage, Aylen Lake in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada
Dress: Galina
Flowers: Killaloe Flowers

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