Wedding Planning

Best Cashmere Accessories

Everybody has their go-to thing when they want a little comfort. For some it may involve a pint of Chunky Monkey, others might hit the spa for a little lavender wrap. Us? We pull out the cashmere. Because nothing says that today is going to be a good day like a little cozy.

Between rough winter weather (hello, dry skin!) and wedding planning stress, I’m guessing you could use some soft and fuzzy in your life too.  Let’s say you have to go to an engagement party tonight. Wouldn’t you love it so much more if you could be all comfy in a cashmere dress and tights (above)?

This cashmere cardigan has become a new staple for me. The perfect light layer, you can wear it well into spring. Also handy on your wedding day preparations when you need something that doesn’t go over your head and ruin that perfect updo!

I love these gloves for a winter wedding. Can’t you see them paired with a faux fur wrap?

Speaking of winter weddings, a sweet cashmere shrug helps you stay comfortable against the chill, while still looking lovely.

And yes, there is even cashmere for your honeymoon getaway. Why use those itchy airplane pillows when you can fly in style?

Credits:  Black Dress//Tights//Cardigan//Gloves//Shrug//Sleep Mask