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Wedding Beauty Tips: How to Keep the Humidity from Ruining Your Day

Wedding Beauty Tips: How to Keep the Humidity from Ruining Your Day


Your summer wedding is finally here. You’ve planned and waited, changed your mind a few times and then you waited some more. But the one thing you might not have taken into consideration is the weather. Sure, every bride worries about rain (and maybe some brides even want it to rain), but what about the humidity? Not only can the stagnant warm air frizz up your hair, but it can also cause major perspiration issues and dehydration. No fun!



If you’re having a summer wedding, you’re going to want to check out these wedding beauty tips for keeping everything in check and not letting the sticky air interfere with your special day — especially if your wedding will be taking place outdoors.




1. Stay Hydrated!


The number one way to keep humidity from becoming a serious problem is to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before walking down the aisle (just make sure to use the restroom right before putting on your gown). Try to avoid coffee and tea or anything with caffeine, as that will dehydrate you more. You should be drinking a good amount of water every day, but try to increase your H2O intake at least one week before your big day.


The following wedding beauty tips involve ways to keep your hair in check.




2. Get a Fresh Trim


Hair is a pretty big issue when talking about humidity. One way to help your hair cope is to get a fresh cut about a week or two before your wedding day. Adding layers to your strands will help give your hair movement which won’t allow the humidity to weigh it down. Have your stylist take off the extra weight so that you have more of a bounce — even if you’ll be sporting an updo. Your hair will just work easier if it’s recently groomed.




3. Use a No-Frizz Hair Product


This should be a no-brainer. Have your wedding day hairstylist use a no-frizz hair product on your locks before getting your wedding hair in place. This will help tame fly-aways and will get those stubborn wispy pieces of hair to cooperate.




4. Skip a Wash


‘Shampooing hair can be drying if your shampoo contains harsh sulfates and salts, which rough up the cuticle and strip hair, thus causing frizz. Be sure to select a super gentle, sulfate-free, salt-free shampoo formula to mildly cleanse while leaving hairs’ cuticle in tact. Follow with a protein rich conditioner to strengthen and repair hair while adding moisture. Most hair types can go at least one to two days without shampooing,’ ColorProof Evolved Color Care Founder, Product Developer and CEO, Jim Markham tells Stylecaster.



Below are additional wedding beauty tips for your face and body.




5. Go Oil-Free


Using oil-free body products (including makeup) will really make a difference when it comes to fighting humidity. Oil-based products block your pores, making it more difficult for your skin to breathe.




6. Apply Anti-Persperant At Night


‘The night is the best time for application because your sweat glands are less active and your skin is drier. The effect of the ingredients usually lasts around 24 hours and will remain active when you shower in the morning because the pores will still,’ reports Life Hacker.




7. Have Ice Packs On Hand


Nerves can be crazy on your wedding day. If you are nervous and sweating? It can be a challenging situation. Try to have ice packs (or grab some ice cubes from the bar) on hand for a quick cool-down. Apply the cold item to your wrists and your inner elbow for some relief.