Wedding Planning

Wedding Websites Done Right: What Guests Really Want to See

Find out what to include.

Wedding websites come with tons of benefits. They make keeping in touch with your guests easy, they can be updated in seconds with new information, and they cut down on paper use. Before you create yours, however, consider what you should include. Here are some things that attendees will be looking for when they visit your wedding website.


Concise Bios

As cute as your love story may be, you don’t need to write a novel about it. If guests need a refresher on your relationship, some brief notes should suffice. You can also write a sentence or two about everyone in the wedding party, so that other attendees understand their roles. Photos are always appreciated, so that they can put faces to names.

Big-Day Basics

Your website should have all the information that you put on your wedding invitations, and then some. This means noting your event’s location, date, and time, plus a complete schedule of your festivities, the dress code, and anything else that they really need to know. Paper goods get lost or tossed all the time, and attendees will expect to find anything on your stationery on your site as well. They’ll also be looking for clarification if they have any questions or need more details.

Registry Instructions

Check the traffic on any wedding website, and you’ll likely notice that registry information gets a lot of attention. Guests want to know how and what to gift, so make the process as seamless as possible.

Travel Details

If you’ve blocked out rooms in one or more hotels, make that known. Otherwise, suggest lodging options, and make other useful recommendations. You can list nearby airports and transportation services, and give guests ideas for what to do and eat around town if they’re staying for an extended period of time.

Contact Information

Give attendees a way to get in touch with you or a designated point person. They’ll want to know how to reach out if necessary. If you’re choosing to have them RSVP online, too, provide a way to do so.