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What Not to Include on Your Wedding Website

What Not to Include on Your Wedding Website

Skip these things.



We’ve been over what you should put on your wedding website, but what about what not to include? To avoid issues down the road, there are a few things that you should skip. Before you build or publish the online hub for your celebration, make sure that you haven’t posted the below items.







Exclusive Information


Chances are, not all guests are invited to every pre-wedding event. Certain people will attend the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner, for example, but not others. With this in mind, don’t post details about those parties where everybody can see them. It’s worth spreading that information another way to minimize the risk of others feeling excluded and offended.



Private Details


If your domain is public, it’s best to leave out personal details, like your address. You should also ensure that you’re not sharing details about your guests that they don’t want online. Before you write blurbs about or share photos of wedding party members, for example, we recommend running them by the people being profiled.



Unnecessary Content


No one wants to dig through paragraph upon paragraph searching for what’s relevant to them. Usually, less is more, so that everyone sees what they need to see, and doesn’t get frustrated wading through what they don’t.



Strict Rules


It’s okay to set some guidelines for your celebration, including a dress code. That being said, don’t micro-manage. Trying to control each and every decision and action that your guests make concerning your event will only annoy them.