Wedding Planning

What to Know About Wedding Invitation Enclosures

Learn the etiquette of stationery inserts.

Your wedding invitation lays out the basics of your celebration, including where it’s being held, when it’s being held, and of course, who’s getting married. That being said, invites aren’t usually all-encompassing—really, they shouldn’t be, or they’ll look cluttered and overwhelm guests. To share additional information with your celebrants, you’ll want to mail out a stationery suite, complete with enclosures that cover all of the nitty-gritty. Below, we walk you through the most common types of inserts, and what they typically address.


Attire Card

If your dress code is simple (like black-tie), you can probably squeeze it onto your actual invitation. If it’s something more complicated, however, you’ll want to put it on an insert, where you have more room to explain the concept. If you’re asking guests to wear certain colors, for example, consider providing swatches on the enclosure.

Events Insert

If you’re planning an entire weekend, provide information regarding other related events, like a post-wedding brunch. Accordion-fold enclosures are good options for this content, but make sure that you’re only sending them to guests invited to the extra celebrations.

Location Maps

For destination weddings (or weddings that many guests are traveling to), map enclosures are popular. You can ask the tourism board for copies of theirs, or hire an illustrator to design a custom one, highlighting some of you and your partner’s favorite spots. That way, attendees can explore during their time off. Maps are also useful for weddings held at resorts. Give celebrants a guide to the expansive property so that they don’t get lost moving from ceremony, to cocktail hour, to reception on the day-of.

Reply Cards

If you want guests to RSVP the old-fashioned way, provide them with the right tools. Along with a reply card, it’s courteous to give them an envelope and a stamp.

Travel Insert

These cards include important information about getting to the venue and lodging at your location. Fill invitees in on any room blocks that you’ve booked, recommend transportation services, and more.

Wedding Website Insert

Couples with a wedding website will want to let their guests know that they have one. Include an insert with the URL, and a call to action to get them to visit it. If you do opt to have a wedding website, you may also be able to cut down on other enclosures, since that information can be posted online.