Wedding Planning

You’re Engaged! Now What?

Is it time to start wedding planning?

Congratulations! You finally have a ring on your finger and you couldn’t be happier. There’s just one question on your mind: What next? Below, we walk you through the first steps you should take right after you get engaged.


Enjoy this phase.

Unless you want to get married right away, there’s no need to rush. Simply savor the bliss of your engagement for a while. There are plenty of months of wedding planning decisions ahead, from finding the ultimate dress hammering out your vendor contracts. For now, just enjoy the moment.

Don’t commit to anything, from the wedding size to the bridal party.

While you want to send bridesmaid asks to all of your besties right this second, hold off. You should take some time to think your list through. Really, don’t commit to anything just yet, whether it’s the theme or the wedding cake flavor. You’re too giddy to make important decisions right now.

Just be inspired.

If you need to do something, search for inspiration. Find the styles and details you like, then file them away so that when the real planning begins, you have a place to start. Alternatively, take note of what you don’t like. It’ll help narrow things down later.

Start simple.

Even when you do begin planning your wedding, it’s best to start with the basics: a date, a venue, and a wedding website to keep organized. It will all unfold from there.